Buy & sell items within your company.

Auctions are applications designed for buying and selling used corporate equipment, lead internal charity auctions and enables your employees to sell their private items.

Selling items can be so easy and comfortable

Sell your items, private or corporate using an application that is visually attractive, stable and designed to provide maximum efficiency and usability.

Full control over selling process

Configure duration, currency, minimum price and quota for auto bidding for each auction.

Upload multiple images and decide which one is shown as default

Supporting big companies and enterprises

Simple and efficient upload of multiple auctions, images and categories at once using "Multiple uploads" feature.

Organize ongoing auctions by creating a multi-layered categories tree

User friendly interface

Keep track of auctions that you're bidding on by using "Watch List" option

Always be able to check history of your purchase thanks to "Won Auctions" tab

Manage your Users

Assign multiple roles and rights to Users - different combinations of administrative and sellers rights will enable

Compare Features of our software and decide which meets your needs.

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Don’t worry if you are not sure which application will be better for your company.

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9 stycznia, 2017
Put Items for sale
Add images to auction
Add multiple images to the auction
Define default image show as miniature
Set currency
Set End date
Set minimum bid
Set bidding by fixed quota
Filter auctions by category
Auction search engine
Sort auctions on main page
Administrator Panel
Assign Administrator rights
Assign seller rights
Create and manage categories
Manage attachments (images used in auctions)
Assign multiple roles to Users
Add multiple autions at once
Add multiple categories at once
Add multiple images to the auction
Delete images from the auction as an Administrator
Define number of auctions visible on main screen

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