Place, view & manage your leave requests with ease!

We would like to inform you, that at 01.03.2018 TimeOff and TimeOff Pro application will be closed, and removed from the shop.
Thank you for your support and if you would like to continue using our application please contact us at
TimeOff Enterprise will remain as our primary application that will provide full spectrum of functionalities to your HR and employees as described in the below presentation.

Get rid of paper work

Allow your Employees to submit leave requests using a simple and easy-to-fill form.

An Empoyee can specify dates range, the type of leave which will be assigned to his leave (like Vacation) and optionally an representative person for the time of users’ absence.

Employee can even plan a leave before submitting it for review. All those data will be shown at Employer's dashboard to let him be allways up to date.

Have a control of all your Employees' Leaves

As a CEO or HR Demartment member you could feel a bit confused using an old-style Excel sheets to track other employees leaves.

We have a solution for that! With TimeOFF you will see all leaves in a simple and easy-to-compare calendar view.

Manage your Employees

Control their amounts of available days off and assign new types of leave with days count (new, used and spent last year).

A simple Employee Card view allows you to set Employees' manager and assistant, add/delete or edit available numbers of days off.

Here you can also check how much days of each assigned type of leave is used by an Employee

Divide your Employees by regions, departments and locations

Create multiple locations, regions and departments for your company

Set custom work bounds, leave types and work days individually for each department to maximize effectiveness of managing your HR policy

Vital information about leaves of absence, available and used leaves bounds are limited to region and department managers

Compare Features of our software and decide which meets your needs.

See list of features to get to know our apps

Don’t worry if you are not sure which application will be better for your company.

Here you can check the comparison of features of all TimeOFF versions. In simple view you will be able to compare all TimeOFF Apps and choose right one for you!


15 lipca, 2016
TimeOFF Enterprise
Calendar of my absences/holidays on main site
My leave requests list summary on main site
Available leave days summary on main site
Holiday list on main site
e-mail notification (with option to enable/disable)
Backup and restore
Full calendar view
Generating reports
Exporting reports to excel files
Requesting leaves
Planning leaves
Interactive calendar for choosing dates
Ability to submit request on behalf someone
Possibility to exceptionally request days/hours off with no hours left on leave balance
Request leaves for a specific number of hours
Specifying start time when requesting partial leave of absence (AM or PM)
Leave balance
Counted in days i.e. an employee has an "n" numbers of days, can take full or half of a day off
Counted in days / hours i.e. an employee can either request a full day off or specify the exact number of hours
Possibility to attach files to requests
Possibility to add comments to requests
Specifying an employee’s manager
Specifying an employee’s assistant
Dividing employees by region
Dividing employees by location
Dividing employees by department
Advanced employee search options
Attributing function-specific roles (i.e. Admin, HR member, Manager etc.)
Setting custom work hours
Adding public holidays
Each holiday is added as one day
Possibility to add holidays which span through multiple days
Choosing acceptance paths when adding leave types
Auto generating leave balance
Generates for all employees
Possibility to specify employees by region/location
Editing e-email templates

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